Tomatoes, Sausages, Nice Crispy Bacon: A recipe by the Lady Awdur

A guest post from the Lady Awdur, with LOTR inspired recipe. I have to say, this recipe sounds absolutely heavenly...and adding in some LOTR connotations makes everything better.

Mae Govannen, fellow fans of Lord of the Rings. If you've seen The Fellowship of the Ring (which, since you're here, I'm sure you have), you'll remember that on Weathertop, Merry starts a fire (while Frodo is apparently sleeping) and makes "tomatoes, sausages, nice crispy bacon".

Notice that Frodo freaks out about this (and calls them "fools", how rude). Even though in the BOOK Aragorn specifically says to light a fire. Hm. . .

Anyhow, today I'd like to share how to make this delicious dish.

Tomatoes, Sausages, and Nice Crispy Bacon
Served on top of [cheesily-named] Pippin's Pasta

4 large Italian Sausages (or one package Field Roast vegetarian Italian sausage)
2-5 strips of bacon
2 cans fire-roasted tomatoes
1-2 fresh tomatoes, chopped
1 package penne rigato pasta

Cook pasta according to package directions. 
Fry bacon in a pan until crisp. Let cool; crumble.
Fry the sausages in oil and break into pieces. Mix in 1 can tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, and bacon.  Fry on medium heat for several minutes, stirring occasionally. If it sticks, pour in 1/4 cup water or a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add in the other can of tomatoes and fry until it is all thoroughly heated through. Serve with pasta.

Don't get ash on the tomatoes.

The Lady Awdur lives in the Midwest but would love to live in Middle Earth. She'd prefer to be an elf over a hobbit, though she is closer to the height of the latter. She has been a fan of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings since 2010, when she was introduced to the first movie by her eldest sister and shortly after read the book. She blogs about writing, Jesus and the Middle Ages at

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